The Quest Vision

Quest Montessori School has assembled the pieces of the puzzle necessary to realize its vision of developing the state’s foremost toddler to eighth grade Montessori program.

The vision of this authentic Montessori school is now a reality as Quest now occupies a new 12,500 square foot facility for children starting at 18 months in our Toddler Program to age 14 in our Middle School Program.

Our Goals

Quest’s ultimate goal is twofold: to provide our community with the full complement of space and resources that the Montessori approach to learning can provide, while also making it possible for even more children in Rhode Island to experience the extensive benefits of a Montessori education.

Furthering Our Approach

In following the Montessori curriculum, Quest serves the needs of the whole child. Montessori teaches classical content. It is the teaching method that makes it different. Our students build a connection with their teachers as well as a love of learning which helps them excel through higher education and beyond.

At Quest, students are emotionally supported and learn how to be independent, academically motivated, artistically creative and physically active. The school is a safe, caring and peaceful environment that prepares students of diverse backgrounds to pursue that which inspires them.

“With our new campus, we can finally bring the benefits of the Montessori approach to learning to even more students and families, while enhancing the environment for our existing families through new classrooms, a preschool, summer camps, and room for multi-day labs,” says Paul Raymond, Head of School, “all in an environmentally responsible building and a safe, nurturing environment.”

The Quest campus is enhanced through planted gardens, recreational fields, and cleared trails for discovery and exploration in the woods surrounding our facility.  Plus, there is ample space for the community to grow beyond the walls of our new building.

Quest has implemented environmental and sustainability programs throughout the campus and curricula, the Quest community teaches students environmental stewardship by example. This environmentally sound ethic for development holds many experiences for our students. It provides valuable lessons in pursuing dreams, goal-setting and perseverance, as well as how to use our limited resources wisely.

As the state’s foremost toddler to eighth grade Montessori School, Quest serves as a resource for the community and a learning lab for educators and student teachers across the state of Rhode Island.



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