I see that the American Montessori Society has connections to peace movements. I don’t want my kids to be indoctrinated by any side. Is Montessori categorically liberal?

Maria Montessori lived through two world wars and experienced first hand the atrocities that war can bring. Therefore the essence of the Montessori approach is the Education for Peace.

Education for Peace is teaching children to think about other ways of solving problems besides violence. It is our firm belief that children who are taught to respect other people, their cultures and beliefs, only resort to violence as a last resort.

  • To achieve this we use:
  • a multi-cultural curriculum
  • character education,
  • lessons on grace and courtesy
  • Conflict Resolution and Peace Keeping techniques

We also discourage play that involves war games and gun play, and help children learn to solve their problems with words rather than with their hands.

Montessori discipline techniques utilize respectful, nonphysical methods. We believe that consistency, limit-setting, positive redirection, and non-physical discipline techniques lead the child to having a healthy self-image and help develop self-discipline. This results in children acting out of respect rather than fear of punishment.

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