Toddler Fun!

Quest Rocket Launch!

2014 National Walk to School Day!

It was a little wet but everyone did a great job! A BIG thank you to Officer Mark Allsup from the Narragansett Police Department for coming with us and for the great talk on bike safety. Also, thank you to The Coffee and Bagel Connection for our yummy breakfast treats!

Remember, tomorrow is our Walk to School event!

Dear LE Familes,

Tomorrow morning children who are walking to school should arrive at the Rite Aid on Boston Neck Rd for 7:45am. From there we will walk to school, escorted by staff, parents and Narragansett police. Families who are not able to make it for 7:45 may arrive to school as usual.

Thank you!

Justine and Holly :D

Important Events for October!

Dear LE Families,

October is full of fun with exciting events happening all month! Below is an outline of important dates and reminders! 

  • Monday, Oct. 6th is picture day
  • Wednesday, Oct. 8th is National Walk to School Day. A handout was sent home last week with all of the important information regarding this event.
  • Monday, Oct. 13th is Columbus Day, we hope that you enjoy the day with your families
  • October 14th – 17th is SPIRIT WEEK, which ends with a fun-filled Friday at Clark Farms.
  • Saturday, Oct. 18th is our Walk 4 Quest event.
  • Thursday and Friday, Oct. 30-31st are Parent Teacher Conferences. Pam will email a link for sign-up. We ask that all parents sign-up for a conference. 

Happy October!

Justine and Holly

Lunch in LE

Dear LE Families,

We would like to thank all of you for inspiring us to transition into proper lunches sooner rather than later. Eating lunch in a Quest classroom has always been a breathtaking experience, and even more so now! We would like to offer a special note of thanks to Claire Hall and Jill O’Neil for donating plates and utensils to our classroom! Everything looks lovely, as you can see :D

Bon Appétit!

Justine and Holly

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Update on Quest’s Master Site Planning Activity

The Master Site Plan Committee has been very active in the past year. We started out by establishing priorities for developing our site based on the Quest Strategic Plan. We held a design charrette which resulted in the establishment of two designated play yards. One for 18-month to 6-year-olds (Woodland) and one for 6 to 14-year-olds (South Meadow).

The Woodland Play Area is currently being actualized. The play area was enlarged, playground mulch was installed (12″deep) for fall zones, and a little hill and sand box are complete. Additionally, South County Post and Beam has ordered the materials and will soon be building our first round of equipment for this play area. Once the Woodland area is complete we will move to the development of the South Meadow play area for the older students.


Beyond the playground spaces, you may have noticed our new chicken coop! It will be accompanied in the near future by a greenhouse and gardens, as soon as permits are in hand.

Finally, we are also beginning the permitting process for the multipurpose room and middle school addition. We are hoping to break ground next spring!

We would like to thank the Quest community at large which has been very active in this process. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at

Julia Gerald
Site Planning Committee

The Future Of Education Was Invented In 1906



Wired has an excellent-yet-frustrating story on what they call “A Radical New Teaching Method” that is transforming education. Of course, as the article itself says, there is nothing “new” about this teaching method: let kids figure things out on their own, and they’ll not only learn better, but be more passionate.

The frustrating part of the story is precisely this: they try to connect age-old insights about education to, somehow, a story about techno-utopianism and the internet and technology transforming schools. The great part is the story of José Urbina López Primary School, a very underprivileged school in Mexico where an enterprising professor helped his pupils be among the best in the country by utilizing student-directed methods. This story is inspiring and even, at times, moving.

But here’s the thing: there is nothing new about it.

The piece makes a big deal out of Professor Sugata Mitra, who is famous for the “hole in the wall” experiment: leaving a computer out in an Indian slum for kids to try out, and discovering that the kids figured out how to use it and taught themselves things. I’m sure Mitra is working on cool things, but there is nothing new about the fact that kids will instruct themselves.

In fact, the future of education was invented in 1906. That’s the year Maria Montessori, who was the first female medical doctor in Italy, opened her revolutionary school. People who talk about Montessori education often talk about some of the specifics–no grades, child-size objects, students choose their own activities, the same set of materials in every classroom, etc. but that’s missing the point. Montessori education was so groundbreaking because it was the first (and, to my knowledge), scientific education method. By which I mean the following: every other education method is based on an abstract model of the child and then derives education methods from that. Maria Montessori, a doctor and a researcher, went the other way around: she experimented with methods and, based on the results, built up a theory of the child, which she then tested and refined through experiment.

The reason why everything is the way it is in a proper Montessori classroom is simple: it has been shown through repeated experiment to work, in countless classrooms, across cultures, etc.

Meanwhile, it’s because of this scientific character of Montessori education that it produces such excellent results, results that are validated again and again. Dr Angeline Lillard’s work has shown how the most recent science backs up Dr Montessori’s findings–as well they should since they were drawn from experiment.

The future of education is here. It’s got nothing to do with laptops. It was invented well over a century ago. What are we waiting for?

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