2012-2013 Spirit Week Day 3 – PJ and Story-time Day!

2012-2013 Spirit Week – Day 2…Sports Day!

Quest Spirit Week Day 1 – Stuffed Animal/Wear Pink Day

Sol Lewitt with LE

I’ve been spending the fall with LE sharing artists that use walls to communicate ideas with the world. Half of LE began with Sol Lewitt a couple weeks ago. We began by making various kinds of lines on the whiteboard together, then looked at how Lewitt used all kinds of lines in his work. We also looked at pictures of his large wall paintings at MASS MoCA. You can learn more about Sol Lewitt here.

When Lewitt’s work is installed in museums and galleries it often comes with a set of instructions. We talked about the word “interpret,” and then I read a set of instructions I made up while students drew what they heard.



Here’s a picture of Lou and Kiki taking the direction “Draw a sleepy line” VERY literally:

Afterwards we came back to the circle and looked at everyone’s drawings together. Even though everyone had the same directions, the drawings were all different!


For the next activity, students drew lines with charcoal while I played different kinds of music to make these Lewitt-inspired drawings:










Some work in Lower Elementary

A Few of Our Self-Portraits

Here are just a few of the self-portraits made in art class the first couple weeks of school. From left to right:  Greer (CH), Lily (CH), Lou (LE), Abby (LE), Nolan (UE), and Adrian (LE). More to come!

I’ve begun hanging the originals in the hall to the left of the toddler room, so next time you’re at school be sure to check them out! I’m hoping to display them all soon.  Each one really reflects the student’s unique and special personality. It’s been a really fun project.


Some Lower Elementary Learning Fun!

Auction Puppet Making in LE

LE Working on Their Auction Art Project!

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