Auction Puppet Making in LE

LE Working on Their Auction Art Project!

Geography in Lower Elementary

Lower Elementary studied the different parts and types of mountains and yesterday, the children were very excited to make their own mountain out of clay.  Trish guided them in art, to create a clay mountain, then they labeled all of the different parts of their mountain.  Next week they will start studying volcanoes.

Rip Van Winkle, February 15, 2012

Cupcake Geology in Lower Elementary!

A Visit from Casey Farms – Lower Elementary

LE had a visitor from Casey Farm

Hello everyone,

Today LE had a visitor from Casey Farm.  He spent the morning teaching them about: migration and animal tracking, food chains, adaptations to winter, and hibernation/dormancy.  He was very engaging and kept the children moving with some very creative activities.

UE’s visit to the URI planetarium and science lab

Hello everyone,

Today we had an exciting visit to the URI planetarium and science labs!

In the planetarium, the children saw two presentations.  The first presentation was about our sky and various constellations.  We then viewed the “Cosmic Colors – Spectrum of Light” presentation.  We learned that each color has a different energy level (blue has higher energy then green.) All of this information tied into our tour of the science labs. For example, the children viewed cells in a microscope.  When the microscope utilized different colors of light, different parts of the cell could be seen.  The children were fascinated by an instrument that could measure 2 molecules bumping into each other and they could observe the resulting spectrum of colors to see how fast it was happening. Yana and Oleg told us that in their science lab, they are trying to create a drug to cure cancer!  By the enthusiasm of these    children in the science lab, it seems that we have several future scientists in our classroom.

Thank you so much to Yana and Oleg for a wonderful experience today!

Jennie and Gary

Snow Tubing!

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