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In keeping with Montessori philosophy, Quest’s art program honors the child’s insatiable desire to learn and create. We strive to nurture the creative spirit by helping children discover their own creative resources. Emphasis is placed on the joy and discovery of the process of making art. A positive attitude toward “mistakes” encourages experimentation and problem solving.

Connections to the core curriculum are made frequently. For example, when the children are studying the Story of the Universe, they might write and illustrate their own Creation Myths. In science, the children keep observation journals in which they draw and describe objects they observe in nature.

Art is also integrated with community service projects. Quest students are encouraged to share their creations with others. This year, for example, the Lower Elementary class learned how to knit, and each student knit a square of a blanket which was donated to a local family in need.

The specific goals of our Art program include:

  • Gain knowledge of basic art elements, principles, and skills.
  • Develop skills in the vocabulary of art.
  • Appreciate the relationship between art and the natural world.
  • Recognize the connection between artistic creativity and daily human experiences.

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