Toddlers (Ages 18 months-3)

The Toddler Community serves the youngest students at Quest Montessori School from eighteen months to three years. In this thoughtfully designed setting, a dozen children can learn from and help each other under the careful oversight of a trained Montessori teacher and assistant.

In this safe and nurturing environment the Montessori teacher guides the children through the comprehensive developmental curriculum.  The Toddler Community offers an environment rich in opportunities for physical, sensorial, intellectual, and social learning.  Children may spend part of the morning learning new words, new skills in physical coordination, and new sights and smells by cutting up fruits or vegetables.  The environment, materials, and culture of the classroom are carefully coordinated to offer children multiple opportunities to grow and mature at a time when both bodies and minds are developing rapidly.

The classroom is a place of respect.  Everything is child-sized, from the custom-made tables and chairs to the shelves, vases, plates and utensils, and even toilets.  In an environment that offers such appropriately sized challenges, children are expected to take greater responsibilities for taking care of themselves and others.  Young children have a drive towards independence – “Help me do it myself.”  They gravitate  toward activities that develop motor skills: running, carrying, climbing, swinging; or grasping knobs, wielding shovels, handling paintbrushes, and petting animals. Control of their own bodies heralds a control of self, and the ability to dress, eat, and toilet independently.

We are currently accepting applications for admissions for our Toddler Program for the 2015-2016 academic year.

Tuition and schedule information for our Toddler Program is as follows:

Half Day – 8:30 am to 11:30 am

Monday through Friday – $8,608

Monday, Wednesday, Friday – $6,888

Tuesday, Thursday – $5,165

Full Day – 8:30 am  to 3:00 pm

Monday through Friday – $10,295

Monday, Wednesday, Friday – $8,235

Tuesday, Thursday – $6,177

For more information, contact Michael Barclay, Head of School, at 401.783.3222  or email us at

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