The UE Eggs Arrived!

Sheila, from Casey Farm, visited the Upper Elementary classroom yesterday and brought with her 18 Heritage Dominique eggs, 6 Rhode Island Red eggs and all the supplies they need to go from incubation to hatching.

The UE students are pairing up with students in Children’s House. They will be bringing the younger students to their classroom each day to view the eggs and talk with them about the daily development from embryo to chick.

Please feel free to stop by the classroom on a regular basis to see the progress and view their Project CHICK Development Wall.

In addition to the Project CHICK work, the students have been learning about the different parts of an egg. They cracked open eggs and identified all the parts. They then peeled hard boiled eggs and compared them to the raw eggs. This week the students have learned about diffusion and osmosis. On Monday, they put eggs in vinegar and watched the shells dissolve and the eggs grow larger. Today they put those “naked” eggs in corn syrup and molasses. Tomorrow the students will observe and discuss the results of this experiment. The final stage of this week long experiment will be to put the “changed” eggs into water and see what happens to them on Friday.

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