Middle School Student Newsletter, 11/9/18

November 9, 2018

Hello Middle School Community,

This year at Quest Middle School, we have Art on Wednesdays from 10:30-11:30. Currently we are making collages of ourselves. However, we’re not making our faces out of magazine pieces – oh no, most certainly not – instead, we are making the pieces come out of a photo of our head shown on a background we paint! Mind blown! The middle school students are having lots of fun cutting out pictures of things, so whether it’s a photo of a bucket or a beautiful landscape, we sure are having a Vincent Van Good time during Art!

During ELA, we recently learned that we are able to do the “Write Rhode Island” writing contest. The students have the option of competing in the contest, but more importantly they have the opportunity to learn from the experience (but if they don’t enter, they will still learn of course). Most of our class is working on a piece to consider entering.

During our Peace and Nonviolence studies, the middle school students decided to make an “agape box.” Agape means love and peace. An agape box is a place to put questions and concerns about our class or community. We were able to decide how to decorate our agape box, and we decided to splatter paint the box! It was SUPER fun, and the students are excited to use the new decked out agape box. 

Middle School Student Newsletter, 11/9/18
The students painting the box

We also have all come to a decision on a bread recipe that we all think is DELICIOUS! We are currently selling the bread to the middle school families in order to iron out the ordering process. We will then offer the bread for sale to the wider Quest community. 

Middle School Student Newsletter, 11/9/18
Quest fresh baked bread

From your Middle School correspondent,

~ M. O’Neill

And now… A Message From Our Programmers:

The Middle School Robotics team or “The Milky Way Madness Programers” are is working very hard to finish the three parts of the First Lego League assignments and wanted to share an update. The three parts required for the competition are:

  1. The robot games: where you program the robot/ the EV3 brick to complete missions. Team Milky is working on that during STEM class.
  2. The project: that is were you pick a problem based on the theme of the year, this year’s theme is space, and create a solution. At this moment they are working to create a solution for infant behavioral problem due to radiation.
  3. The last piece is core values: where you would explain how well you worked as a team and other things like that. At this moment, the roboticists have not started on that portion of the competition.

– The Milky Way Madness Programers