Middle School Student Newsletter, 4/12/19

April 12, 2019

Welcome to the Middle School Newsletter,

This week we had a very funky fun week. Why? Because the eighth years are in the Dominican Republic! Congrats to them for working so hard to get there! But, while they are in D.R., the seventh graders, along with Auburn, planned a fun-packed and educational week of their own. Here are some highlights from our week.

On Monday, Mariah, one of our leadership teachers from URI came in to help us plan for us hosting the sixth graders for some fun team building activities and a special snack on Friday. We are really looking forward to it! Maria was a HUGE help! With her expertise in team building games, I think our time with the sixth graders will be a huge success.

After lunch, the middle schoolers grabbed some gloves and headed out to pick up litter along Boston Neck Road between the school and Christofaro Park. All together the middle schoolers picked up 7 bags of trash. Much of it was beverage cups and cans. Let’s just say there was plenty of trash talking during the pickup!

Middle School Student Newsletter, 4/12/19
Trash Pick-Up

On Tuesday, Ady joined us for a mid-day hike and picnic. We went to the trail at Whale Rock Preserve right next to Camp Varnum. The trail ended right at the beach, and once we were there we had our lunches on the rocks. After that, we explored the beach and looked for sea glass. It was a very fun day and you could sea the ocean very clearly because there was no fog.

On Wednesday we had a relaxing morning of reading and art. As you might already know, there are some big readers in this class, so we really enjoyed it. AND its yearbook page time! That’s right it’s time to bedazzle our pages until they look like fancy things! 

Thursday however, was the best! We went on a field trip to the Natural History Museum and Planetarium and Botanical Gardens at Roger Williams Park. At the museum, we first saw a documentary about space in a planetarium! The documentary was very interesting and talked about our solar system and beyond. After the planetarium show, we went on a museum scavenger hunt where we answered questions about the exhibits and explored the museum. It was very fun and we had a great time learning about space and animals.

Middle School Student Newsletter, 4/12/19
At The Museum of Natural History

After lunch, we headed over to the Roger Williams Park Botanical Center. It was crazy cool! There were tropical plants everywhere! We were lucky to visit at the start of Fairy Garden Days when there are not your typical fairy houses throughout the greenhouse. They were incredibly detailed. Whoever made them was very patient while assembling these beautiful things! After going through the greenhouse and seeing what was there, we all found a spot to sit down and sketch a plant or sculpture. It was very relaxing and fun and I think I can speak for everyone when I say that we did not want to leave, and was wishing we had more thyme.

Your Middle School Correspondent,

M. O’Neill