Middle School Student Newsletter, 6/4/19

Welcome, dear readers, to the last newsletter of the year,

We wanted to start by sharing what a wonderful Quest Grand-Friends Celebration we had on May 24th. We worked hard to prepare for our special guests by brainstorming what we could show the grand-friends and preparing songs to share with them. We also made the decorations you may have seen in the barn. We were excited to sing the song, “One Day” by Matisyahu, a song that we had been working on for many weeks and that expresses a hope for an end to violence and a prayer for a new era of peace and understanding. It was so much fun to spend the morning with our grand-friends, we want to extend them a special thanks to the special guests that made that day so much better!

Middle School Student Newsletter, 6/4/19The Middle School is sad to announce that with the end of the school year in a few days, micro-business has ended for the year. The few remaining candles and lotion bars will be packed away for summer, and the microgreens are on hold until fall. Narrow River Naturals has made a good profit this year and the class has accomplished exactly what we wanted to, and more. We are proud of our successes and that we redefined what the micro-business meant to us and the school. This redefinition is different to each person, but one aspect was really how we reached out and not only tried growing and making new products but that we sold our products in a real market. We sold to people outside our own amazing community and that is an experience that will help us for the rest of our days. The remaining middle schoolers are excited to welcome the upcoming seventh years to the middle school family and business and see what they will bring to the Middle School community. We look forward to bringing you more great products next year!

Thank you for reading our final newsletter. It has been a pleasure writing for the Quest community. We will always love how the newsletter gave us the chance to share all the amazing things we have learned this year and challenged us by offering a chance to write to a wider audience. It will help us for years to come in the balance of work. We enjoyed having the opportunity to recap the past weeks in the form of writing because it really solidified the memories of this year! We are sad to relinquish the occupation we have had all year but the legacy of the newsletter will live on!

Signing off as your middle school correspondents for the last time,
M. O’Neill and J. Coghlin
Middle School Student Newsletter, 6/4/19