The Quest Winter Gathering

One of Quest Montessori’s long term traditions is our Winter Gathering on the last day before winter break. There have been many permutations of this event; in the early years we cooked and served breakfast to all of our families, one year we had it off-site in the midst of a snow storm, last year we went from a morning performance to an afternoon performance. Regardless of the venue or the details of the performance, it is always a heartwarming event.  

The Winter Gathering, not unlike our Potluck Dinner in September, is another opportunity for the entire community of adults and students to be together. Students at every grade level participate in this event from singing, to baking cookies, to creating decorations, to greeting guests. The children begin practicing their songs weeks ahead of time in their individual classes and music groups.  Last week the groups in each classroom began practicing together and this week all the classrooms are joining together for all school practice. In addition, the school has been filled with the scent of fresh baked goods as both elementary classes prepare cookies that will be decorated by the Middle School, and served at the gathering.

Everyone I speak to comments that this term has flown by, and I completely agree.  The first day of school seems like yesterday, but also ages ago given all we have done this semester.  Since September we have welcomed new families into our community, built the greenhouse, welcomed the the chickens back home, received notification of our accreditation, gone on numerous Middle School field trips, shopped for and cooked three elementary community lunches and so much more. I am grateful to all the parents, students, faculty and staff who come together to make this first half of our school year so successful. I look forward to seeing everyone at the gathering on Friday and wish all of you a wonderful and restful Winter Break with lots of family time.