Upper Elementary, Hard At Work

Upper Elementary, Hard At Work


Routine is settling in and Upper Elementary has been very busy this month!

The students have had a few weeks to get used to using their work journals to plan their days and we have been able to deliver loads of new lessons across all of our areas of study.

Excitement has been palpable as the 6th Years have begun their New York City Capstone Experience preparation. Students have been reading about the history of Manhattan, understanding fundamental needs and the Lanape tribe. They look forward to soon determining their area of concentrated study.


Our class recently completed a writing unit studying the creation of vignettes. Each student spent several days composing and editing their short work and then were able to present their pieces to the Lower Elementary class.

Literature Circle

Upper Elementary, Hard At Work

Lately, students have been losing themselves in our Literature Circle books. Each student has a Literature Circle role that they complete: Summarizer, Word Wizard, Literary Luminary, Connector, Researcher, and Illustrator. Each student completes a different job each week, which they then share with the group to ensure a lively Literature Circle meeting.


Math & Geometry

Math has had the students working on lowest common multiple of numbers, adding and multiplying in bases 2-9 and beginning algebra through the work of Hands on Equations.

Geometry has introduced the Seven Triangles of Reality – the students challenge: can you create all seven triangles with the sticks provided?

Science & Botany

Due to the damp conditions this Fall, we were able to take a closer look at fungi and the role that it plays in the Nitrogen Cycle. As a follow up to this, Blue Wheeler from Middle School visited the classroom to show students how he was able to cultivate shiitake mushrooms. Students will continue to explore the Plant Kingdom and continuing their understanding of the early classification and vital functions of plants.

Clearly, we have been busy! But even the busiest of rooms have a little down-time.

In UE, we like to spend it knitting….

Upper Elementary, Hard At Work