Quest Montessori Middle School Estuary Field Studies

Middle School Estuary Field Studies

April 23, 2021

Quest Middle School students completed their estuary field studies last week. Students learned about anadromous fish runs, salt marshes, rocky shores, and sandy beaches in the field, and we had great weather for it! Student-led discussions centered around the importance of these habitats to two estuaries: the Narrow River and Narragansett Bay. They also researched […]

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Reading Books - Caldecott Winners - Quest Montessori School

Ten Years of Caldecott Award Winners

February 9, 2021

Each year the Association for Library Services to Children awards a special honor, the Caldecott Award, to the illustrator of one picture book. This coveted award has recognized some amazing works over the years and is a great way to highlight the important fact that illustrators contribute significant meaning to the art of children’s literature. […]

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1 Primary Mixed Age Thread Needle

Montessori Mixed-Age Classrooms

January 28, 2021

There are many elements that make Montessori education stand apart from more conventional methods. One of the most obvious is our mixed-age classrooms. Rather than grouping children by a single chronological age, our classroom environments encompass children spanning across several ages.  We find this method to be a huge benefit. Read on to learn more. […]

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Learning In Person in the Upper Elementary Classroom

Learning In-Person in the Upper Elementary Montessori Classroom

January 14, 2021

UE had an exceptional first term and took full advantage of being at school in-person for all but one week of the semester. We were busy! The children came back in September, ready to work and eager to jump back into in-person learning. In addition to their small group lessons in math, geometry, and language, […]

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A Few Words About Harmony in Montessori Art and Music 2

A Few Words About Harmony in Montessori Art and Music

December 16, 2020

The word harmony is an important one for both the artist and the musician. In music, harmony is whenever two or more sounds happen at the same time. In art, it is when two or more colors or shapes exist in the same space. This fall in the Art and Music Specials at Quest, our […]

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Toddler Toileting - Quest Montessori School Private School RI

Toddler Toileting

December 3, 2020

Reproduced with permission from Molly Schaot’s At Home With Toddlers, Waypoint Montessori In Montessori pedagogy, we use a child-led approach to toileting. We do not use rewards, nor do we attempt to completely upend a child’s daily life by focusing solely on potty training for a certain number of days. We simply make no-pressure trips […]

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