Quest Music

At Quest Montessori School we integrate small group music lessons and Montessori music tools into our classrooms. These music lessons and music materials are available to students during each work day. Music is presented as a language with its own system of notation and symbols that are related to specifics sounds. We are proud to offer students this exploration of music as a language of sounds to explore own during the work blocks of each day.

The Lower Elementary has a complete set of Montessori Bells, Music Signs and Notes, and the Bells Music Strip Boards. The Upper Elementary classroom uses a Tone Bar Set with keyboard.

At Quest Montessori School we work hard to preserve what we call work blocks – extended periods of time for students to work uninterrupted during the school day. This key characteristic of Montessori education allows students to work for extended periods without distraction. This important aspect of the school day at Quest allows students to individualize their studies. During the work blocks, both morning and afternoon, students work on a combination of assigned work and independent research projects.

By integrating these Montessori music materials into the work cycle of the classroom, we protect the work block. In this busy world in which we live we work towards the axiom, less is more.

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