Physical Education

Physical Education and Health is a vital part of the program at Quest. In P.E. class, the children learn the importance of fun, teamwork, sportsmanship, following rules, safety, and proper technique. Classes develop gross and fine motor skills, stamina, flexibility, hand-eye coordination, and basic skills such as dribbling a basketball, controlling a soccer ball, or the rudiments of baseball.

Even those children who consider themselves to be non-athletic come to love games with Patrick, our P.E. teacher. Activities are designed such that leadership roles rotate and team composition is mixed. The children love teamwork-building games such as: soccer, kickball, softball, baseball and Capture the Flag.

Students do warm-up exercises, calisthenics, run laps and relays, and participate in an end-of-year entire school Field Day.

Middle school students may take part in intramural track and field activities.

In addition to their formal time in Physical Education two times per week, the children have 30 minutes of outdoor recess time, weather permitting, every day after lunch. Quest students keep a set of cold-weather and outdoor clothing at school to allow for outside time in almost any conditions!

All students are taught health concepts in accordance with the Rhode Island state Health standards.

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