Article originally published online by URI Center for Nonviolence & Peace Studies

Under the careful guidance of nonviolence trainer and Quest Montessori teacher Lacy Feely, a passionate group of seventh and eight grade students present a glimpse into the Kingian nonviolence curriculum to parents, students, and community members.

This is the second year of the impressive Peace Program. Lacy begins the year teaching her students about the principles and strategies of Dr. King. They learn about types and levels of conflict and what true nonviolence means. The rest of the year this nonviolence information is infused into the rest of the curriculum.

Students expressed how much they have been influenced by this deep study and how it has affected their lives, the way they interact with others, and the way the try to look at problems and issues from another person’s perspective.

Students divided the audience into four groups and we moved to each small session learning about the difference between violence and nonviolence, inner peace through meditation, six principles of nonviolence according to Dr. King, and conflict. Students spoke passionately about their subject area, engaged the audience in meditation and role plays, and led discussions about important topics.

It was a womderful evening with impressive presentations. We’re so proud that nonviolence is being incorporated into school curriculum at early grades so that students are fortified with a solid foundation of peaceful living.