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Quest Montessori Middle School Estuary Field Studies

Middle School Estuary Field Studies

April 23, 2021

Quest Middle School students completed their estuary field studies last week. Students learned about anadromous fish runs, salt marshes, rocky shores, and sandy beaches in the field, and we had great weather for it! Student-led discussions centered around the importance of these habitats to two estuaries: the Narrow River and Narragansett Bay. They also researched […]

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1 Primary Mixed Age Thread Needle

Montessori Mixed-Age Classrooms

January 28, 2021

There are many elements that make Montessori education stand apart from more conventional methods. One of the most obvious is our mixed-age classrooms. Rather than grouping children by a single chronological age, our classroom environments encompass children spanning across several ages.  We find this method to be a huge benefit. Read on to learn more. […]

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Montessori Great Work The Montessori Great Work The Timeline of Life

Middle School Seminar

November 18, 2020

Seminar in Middle School creates opportunities for students to extend their understanding and interpretation of a text by intertwining social interaction, communication, and the growing power of the adolescent intellect. Students prepare for seminar discussions by closely reading and annotating a short story or other rich text. Next they prepare interpretive questions that have more […]

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Quest Middle School: More than Academics

Quest Middle School: More than Academics

February 27, 2020

Maria Montessori held a fundamental belief that we are born with everything we need. The Montessori environment is designed to support this unfolding and blossoming, with the goal of keeping adult agendas out of the way and to preserve a love of learning. As societal pressures seem to increase as students grow older, the Middle […]

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