Middle School Estuary Field Studies

Quest Montessori Middle School Estuary Field Studies

Quest Middle School students completed their estuary field studies last week. Students learned about anadromous fish runs, salt marshes, rocky shores, and sandy beaches in the field, and we had great weather for it! Student-led discussions centered around the importance of these habitats to two estuaries: the Narrow River and Narragansett Bay. They also researched the importance of their habitat to the overall estuary, as well as their habitat's health and biodiversity. Students spent several weeks preparing food webs, researching organisms, learning about habitat zonation and environmental issues affecting their assigned habitat. After designing murals for Quest walls, they created habitat exploration activities (Bingo, Marsh Metaphors, Food Web tag, etc.) for their classmates to learn while playing. Finally, they led their classmates through field studies at local sites in Narragansett and South Kingstown. It was both an adventure and an incredible learning experience!