Middle School Student Newsletter, 5/17/19

May 17, 2019

Welcome to the Quest Middle School Newsletter!

In English Language Arts we are doing a final culminating writing event. All the students will be creating one last awesome story, essay, reflection, or poem to complete this spectacular year of ELA. The students will then combine all of their work into one big collection that will become part of the middle school library. We can't wait to read each other's stories and poems.

On Friday the middle school class headed off to URI for an ROV competition. There were two parts. The first was an obstacle course based on the cave rescue in Thailand, and the second was a timed course where the ROV had to go through differently positioned hoops. The Quest students were broken up into three groups, two groups of three and one group of four. ALL of the groups did wonderfully at both of the competitions.

Now I am afraid that we have some sad news, we are finished making Quest bread for the year. But don't worry, we are still selling lotion bars and candles. They will be available in the barn on Grand-friends Day!

This weekend we have a big event going on that you are welcome to come to. The Quest Middle School and anyone else who wants to join us can come on down to Narragansett Beach for the Narrow River 5k and 10k. It will be hosted by the Narrow River Preservation Society on May 18 at 10 am. Remember, don't run late.

On Monday the Quest track and field team went to Curtis Corner Middle School for the divisional meet. All of the students did wonderfully, and some of them beat their best times and throws. Unfortunately, it was very rainy, but that did not affect how we did. One of our team members qualified for the 2019 RIPCOA Track & Field State Championships, which will be held this Sunday, May 19, at Narragansett High School at 1pm. Go Quest!

Middle School Student Newsletter, 5/17/19
2019 Track & Field Team

Your Middle School Correspondent,

M. O'Neill