What a great first week of school! After a quiet summer of planning it is exciting to have the children back in the building. There are new faces throughout and everyone seems to be settling in beautifully. The beginning of our school year is rich with opportunities to engage with new and returning families, to learn from one another and to establish the “Quest community” for the year ahead.

Middle School

The Middle School students begin this work by starting their school year at the Appalachian Mountain Club Lodge in Crawford Notch, New Hampshire on their “Odyssey Trip.” They spend three days hiking, team building and working on leadership skills including communication, cooperation and decision making all while forming bonds with their classmates and teachers. It’s a great way for this group of adolescents to learn from those around them and understand how they can contribute on a new and different level to their school.

Upper Elementary

Our Upper Elementary students and teachers are currently spending two nights at Camp Hazen in Chester, Connecticut with a similar intention. This is our 7th year at Camp Hazen and the children look forward to returning each year to challenge themselves on the high and low rope elements, work on team building and sit by the campfire at night. The children return tired but full of community spirit and ready to be Elementary leaders within the school.

Lower Elementary

Lower Elementary spends its early days getting to know one another and executing projects that force communication and collaboration to meet a goal. They can be found building balloon towers for a STEAM project or cleaning and prepping their water tank for its future residents that will be studied by the Third Years during their Narragansett Bay work.

Primary & Toddler

Our Primary and Toddler classrooms are the true microcosm of our Quest community. We watch the older children welcome our youngest and practice “grace and courtesy” in its most pure form. They spend days getting to know one another and enjoy the responsibility of forming friendships in the classrooms and on the playground. As we all know, the work of communication is tireless at this level.

Community Connections

These varied experiences allow our students to connect with Quest beyond the classroom and to feel that they are part of something bigger – a community of their own. I feel fortunate to work in an environment that creates amazing experiences and opportunities for our students every day. I am proud that, for our families, it is a place that feels special from day one.