Making Patterns with Blueberries in Children’s House

Children’s House Sharing Apples.

They squeezed lemons and limes over the apples and Sara told us that when the apples turn brown, they say “We have too much air!”.

Children’s House Creating Artwork for out Upcoming Art and Wine Fundraiser!

Superwoman Was Already Here

Click the link below to watch the video!

Superwoman Was Already Here

Building a Gingerbread House in Children’s House

Winter Art

2012-2013 Barnes and Noble Bookfair

Children’s House Thanksgiving Meal 2012 – 2013

Walk 4 Quest 2012-2013

Cezanne and Kindergarten

The kindergarteners learned about Cezanne and how much he loved to paint apples. They made apple compositions by printing with actual apples and apple- shaped foam plates. One thing the students noticed is that apples are not just one solid color. They found several colors and patterns in the skin of each apple they observed.

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