Tomorrow morning, Quest will hold it’s 13th commencement. It is an exciting day at Quest that is filled with ceremony and traditions. Our graduating class is small in number, but significant in impact. Kristalia Panteleos and Max Sherman grew up at Quest. They have traveled locally, nationally and internationally with their classes, they have completed countless projects, presented endless research, fed chickens, sold popcorn in Upper Elementary and Micro-Greens in Middle School, they have learned the Principles of Non-Violent Conflict Resolution, mentored and read to younger students. Both Kristalia and Max exhibit the characteristics we strive to develop in all our students, specifically, they are:

  • Problem Solvers
  • Creative Thinkers
  • Care for the Environment
  • Academically Prepared
  • Community Minded
  • Self-Advocates
  • Independent Workers

Although we would like to hold on to them forever, they are ready to move to the next stop on their educational journey. In the fall they will start their high school careers at The Prout School and Narragansett High School’s Agricultural Science Program. Quest has placed alumni in high schools all over RI as well as boarding schools in nearby states. As quickly as it seems their time at Quest has passed, in the blink of an eye, the will find themselves among other Quest alumni who have pursued their passions at colleges and universities across the country including Brown, URI, Middlebury, Cornell, and so many others.

We could not be more proud of our Class of 2019 and wish them success in happiness in all that they do.

Best, Kathy