A Few Words About Harmony in Montessori Art and Music 2

A Few Words About Harmony in Montessori Art and Music

December 16, 2020

The word harmony is an important one for both the artist and the musician. In music, harmony is whenever two or more sounds happen at the same time. In art, it is when two or more colors or shapes exist in the same space. This fall in the Art and Music Specials at Quest, our […]

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An Update from Quest’s Art, Music, Physical Education & Spanish Specialists

February 13, 2020

Art Elementary continued their fibers unit this winter. Both classrooms made radial weavings with painted backgrounds, then moved on to sewing projects. Through sewing, students are strengthening fine motor skills while practicing practical life exercises such as threading a needle, completing a stitch, and tying a knot. Lower Elementary students are creating stuffed monsters from […]

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Creating a Winter Wonderland

December 12, 2019

One of the most lovely things about the arts is their ability to create community. Our children are brought closer as they bond while working on projects together. Showcases, concerts, and exhibitions draw others in simply by being a beautiful reason to gather.  In December, students have an opportunity to use their creative skills to […]

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The Quest Montessori Day: Specials

October 24, 2019

The Quest day has a real rhythm for each of the program levels. Over the last several weeks we have painted a picture of the Quest Montessori Day in the classroom. One of the components of Elementary and Middle School is the special programming that happens throughout the week: Art, Music, Spanish, Theatre and Physical […]

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